Obi Robotic for Disability

Obi robotic arm
Obi robotic arm
Obi robotic arm for disabled people

Obi Robotic arm a robot enables physical disable people to feed food.The sleek white robot enables people to feed themselves and let them be independent of being feeding by own.

Obi can be taught by moving its robotic arm where to deliver the food. The food is divided on to separate compartments of the bowls and through a simple interface Obi can be operated where to deliver the food. There are simple buttons which orients the direction of the arm to the mouth of the diner.

For Obi to identify where the mouth is located a “Teach Mode” button need to functioned to identify manually the location of the month. Later Obi can identify and return to the same position by click of a button. If the desired location needs to be changes same process needs to be applied again.


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