Leka – A smart toy for Autism

Leka Smart toy for Autism


Leka a smart toy for Autism Special needs play’s with children and helps child to better emotional intelligence and social interactions.

Leka a Robotic toy can be your child’s best friend. Through Sensor Leka can identify and respond child’s interaction. Each of its interaction are programmed which helps child to identify the emotions and improve their social skills. Leka can be customized as per each child needs.

Leka can also be interacted through a mobile app and there are multiple games like:

  • Hide and Go
  • Traveling Leka
  • Picture Bingo
  • Remote Control
  • Color Memory

Below few benefits of Leka

  • Easing Social Interaction
  • Reducing Anxiety
  • Reducing Stress
  • Autonomously complete daily tasks

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