Dot Braille Smartwatch for the Visually Impaired


Dot Braille Smartwatch for the Visually Impaired – Reinventing tactile communication

Dot Braille Smartwatch is developed in Korea uses braille and not just indicators to mimic hands. It’s the first braille smart watch with a sleek motorized that uses braille to give the wearer the time. It also offer notification to the user.

It is made of aluminium to keep its weight down and it measures in at 43mm across and 12.5mm thick. It comes in three different leather straps with rechargeable battery, a touch sensor, a vibration motor and Bluetooth.

The operation is quite straightforward. There are four motorized modules underneath the dial, each with six possible dots. The dot can display up to four braille characters at a time and can be raised or lowered individually. The user reads the dial as the wearer would use a piece of paper with braille on it. The design is concave which is to offer a protective rim around the braille modules.

Dot Braille Smartwatch features

  • Tell Date and Time
  • Get Notifications on Calls and Messages
  • Smart features with the Dot Watch App

Refer below link which is a list of free tools and apps which can be used by Visual impaired or blind in day to day life.

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