Aum Voice Prosthesis


Aum Voice Prosthesis

 Aum Voice Prosthesis device helps throat cancer patients, whose voice box is removed, get their voice back. Dr Vishal Rao an oncologist and his team have developed this unique device.

Most throat cancer patients who undergo laryngectomy are unable to speak after the surgery due to removal of voice box. Normally, these patients go for the prosthesis, however which are costly and which many patients cannot afford. The Aum Voice Prosthesis is priced at INR 50 (popularly known as $1 device)

Voice box cancer is the second most common cancer and unfortunately is more common in the low economic group who can’t afford costly treatments. Mainly, patients with failed radiochemotherapy and stage four cancer patients require the removal of voice box

Dr. Vishal Rao is an oncologist with expertise in Head & Neck Surgery. He has trained at one of the most prestigious cancer institute’s of India, Tata Memorial Hospital at Mumbai.

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