SensPD Autism screening for every new born



SensPD Autism screening for every new born

  • Early and Objective Detection of Autism
  • Sensory Perception
  • Autism screening for every new born

SensPD has developed a revolutionary and patent-pending system to objectively detect autism at a very early developmental stage, based on a physiological marker. SensPD use Oto-Acoustic-Emission (OAE) devices, used in every hospital in the western world to screen for hearing issues.

SensPD solution is objective, model based, non-invasive (it is like a hearing test), we believe can be measured after birth, easy and simple it only take a few minutes and cost effective.

SensPD strives to become the main screening test for Autism right after birth, hence early interventions will be available and the lives of those children will change dramatically for the best. SensPD is not the story of one in fifty-nine but the story of all of every one of us.

The Need

  • How early in life can you detect autism?
  • Early Interventions
  • Autism Prevalence

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